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The Integrity of the Criminal Justice System

(Texas Department of Public Safety 2016)

1. There are concerns that Texas has been too free in its imposition of the death penalty and too unquestioning of the evidence that leads to the imposition of criminal punishments. Texas is the home of more verified wrongful convictions than any other state.
2. Concerns about wrongful convictions are often related to the methods police and prosecutors use to convict suspects, including the methods used in witness identifications, the handling of evidence sent to crime labs, and the use of dog scent evidence.
3. The Willingham case, the Tulia drug arrests, and the Graves case are all highly publicized cases that have led to calls for reform.
4. In an effort to improve the system, Texas has increased the number of drug treatment facilities, and there is greater emphasis on imprisonment as a last response to criminal behavior and more emphasis on community supervision as a first response. The result has been a decline in prison construction and even the beginning of prison closings. Efforts are being made to compensate those who are wrongfully convicted.

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