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Transportation Funding

 (Houston Chronicle 2015)

Texas Department of Transportation revealed that of Harris County's approximate 2,000 bridges on file, about 75 percent are rated good or better, leaving the remaining bridges in need of replacement or repair.

According to the report, the cost to repair the backlog of deficient bridges will increase from $3 billion in 2010 to $7 billion in 2035.

According to the same report, Texas has an enormous load to carry to meet the needs of a rapidly increasing transportation network. The report goes on to conclude that demand is outpacing funding.

"Factors including inflation, a growing population, an aging infrastructure, and more fuel-efficient vehicles — which provide environmental benefits but result in less revenue from the motor fuel tax — are pushing current funding sources to their limits," according to the report.

"Keeping all Texans safe is my chief concern. I would not want my family driving across Texas on defective bridges and roads. That 25 percent of bridges that are defective are the ones my family is crossing. The citizens of Texas are my family."Byron A. Bradford

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